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Jacque Cousteau

P.O. Box 403 
Lukeville, Az 85341
  • RP Local- What does it mean to be a RP Local? It is more of a fluid definition--wavy like the Sea of Cortez--  than an exact term. How do you know if you are one? Well, if you love it here, I think you just know.

  • If you have made this place your home, in whatever way you define home... then you might be a RP Local

  • If you spend a few months by the sea or purchased a second home, condo, camper or casita... then you might be a RP Local.

  • If you love coming to our charming seaside town for the weekend and find yourself coming back again and again then you might just be a RP Local.

  • If you are a RP virgin, meaning this is the first time your toes touched our sand, and well, you get us, the people, the beauty, the sunsets, and the vibe, then you might be a RP Local.

  • Beach walkers, daydreamers, tide watchers, and sunset fanatics... you are all welcome to become a RP Local.

Who are we?

We are RP locals who love this town. We have both been coming here for decades and lived and owned property for over 15 years. We are tide watchers, sunset fanatics and lovers of the sea. We believe Rocky Point has the "World's Best Sea Sunsets".

RP Local was started to promote our town, provide dining guides and information on where to eat, stay, play & shop. A lot of it was because we were hungry, and wanted a place to look at all the menu's, but then we figured why not help people know where to stay, play and shop.

15% of all monthly net sales will be donated to a local charity in Rocky Point.

If you are a local charity contact us at and we will add you to the list. We pay to 4 different charities a year. One charity every quarter.

Oh yeah, if you donate your time or money to this town, you my friend are definitely a RP Local.

Diego & Anita

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